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IAA Lead Scan & Collect

Simple lead collection
with the IAA App

Easy collection and export of contact data with the IAA app's integrated lead scanner

Integrated lead scan in the IAA app

The easiest way: Lead-Scan with the IAA App

The IAA App's integrated QR code scanner offers exhibitors a seamless and efficient way to collect contact details by simply scanning visitor badges.

The free Lead Scan of the IAA App improves the networking experience of exhibitors and visitors by enabling a quick and smooth exchange of contact details.

Lead Scan Video
Besucher-Badges mit der IAA App scannen

It's that simple

With the IAA App, capturing leads is child's play: simply scan the visitor badge with your smartphone - without any additional scanning apps, complex installations or third-party licenses. Our lead scanning integrated in the IAA App makes collecting contact data efficient and effortless.


Download the IAA App

Get the IAA App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. The app has been specially developed for IAA visitors and exhibitors.

Once installed, you can immediately use the integrated QR scanner on the start page.

Click to scan QR code 1


Scan the visitor badge

Scan this demo visitor badge with the app's integrated QR scanner.

Scanned visitor badges end up as contacts in your networking directory. You have access to the user's full contact details.

Scan QR code


Export data

After you have scanned the badges, you can easily export the collected data as a CSV file.

Simply import your leads into your preferred CRM system (Salesforce, SAP Sales Cloud, HubSpot, etc.) after the event.

Gain leads

Benefits of the integrated lead scan

Using the IAA App's integrated lead scan solution offers several advantages for exhibitors compared to alternative third-party solutions, particularly in terms of integration, ease of use and efficiency.

1. Seamless integration

The Lead Scan solution is directly integrated into the IAA app. This means that exhibitors do not have to install separate software or synchronize different systems. Such integration makes it easier to access and use the function during the IAA TRANSPORTATION.

2. User friendly

As the Lead Scan solution is part of the IAA app, exhibitors benefit from a standardized user interface that they already use for other purposes. This reduces training time and makes handling less cumbersome overall than when using separate third-party solutions.

3. Efficient and time saving

By using the integrated solution, exhibitors can save valuable time by not having to deal with technical issues or compatibility between different systems. Instead, they can concentrate on networking and lead generation.

4. Data consistency and security

As all data is collected within one system, the risk of data inconsistencies or loss is reduced. In addition, the security and data protection standards of the IAA app are uniform, which is not always the case when using third-party tools.

5. Cost effective

While using third-party tools often requires additional license fees, using the IAA App's integrated lead scan solution can be more cost-effective, especially when offered as part of an overall package.

6. Better integration within the trade fair experience

Using the IAA's own solution ensures that lead capture is seamlessly embedded into the overall event experience, which can enhance visitor interaction.

Some functions are only available in the Team and Plus editions.

Suitable for every marketing goal

Free, in a team or with more data

Discover our customized IAA Lead Scan editions: Perfectly tailored to your individual goals and team requirements.

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IAA Lead Scan free

The IAA Lead Scan, free of charge for all exhibitors and their employees, enables you to scan every visitor badge effortlessly and to collect and export the contacts directly in your personal directory - an ideal solution for efficient and individual lead capture at the IAA TRANSPORTATION 2024.

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IAA Lead Scan team

With the Team Edition of IAA Lead Scan, you can easily capture the badges of all visitors and benefit from data collected across teams in real time.  Export all your teammates' contacts in one export - ideal for seamless and collaborative lead capture in a team context.

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IAA Lead Scan plus

In addition to all the functions of the Team Edition, the Plus Edition of the IAA Lead Scan expands the exported data to include valuable information on the interests and countries of origin of visitors, enabling a deeper understanding of your contacts and targeted follow-up campaigns.

This free version is ideal for exhibitors who need a simple and direct way to record contact data. It is ideal if you work individually or in a small team and do not require complex data aggregation.

  • Free of charge for all exhibitors and their employees
  • Simple scanning of visitor badges
  • Personal directory for collected contacts
  • Direct export of contact data
  • Ideal for individual lead capture
For exhibitors who work in larger teams or have several employees at the stand, this edition offers the option of collecting contacts across teams and exporting them centrally. This is particularly useful to get a comprehensive overview of all contacts made during the IAA TRANSPORTATION and to promote team collaboration.

  • Cross-team data collection in real time
  • Centralized export of all team contacts as a CSV file
  • Efficient and comprehensive lead capture
  • Ideal for larger teams or multiple stand employees

Note: All employees who are assigned to your exhibitor profile can enter leads. Exhibitor contact person in the exhibitor profile see here.
This version is particularly suitable for exhibitors who want to collect more in-depth information about their contacts. The additional data on visitors' interests and countries of origin enables more targeted follow-up and can help to develop customized marketing strategies.

  • All functions of the Team Edition
  • Extended data fields on visitors' interests and countries of origin
  • Deeper understanding of contacts
  • Targeted follow-up campaigns possible
  • Optimized for strategic marketing and precise customer approach

Note: All employees who are assigned to your exhibitor profile can enter leads. Exhibitor contact person in the exhibitor profile see here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the free IAA Lead Scan do?

The free IAA Lead Scan enables exhibitors to capture visitor contact details quickly and easily. This is done by scanning a QR code on the visitor badge, which digitizes the contact information directly and makes it available for subsequent communication and analysis.

Who can use the IAA Lead Scan?

The IAA Lead Scan is available to all exhibitors and visitors at the IAA TRANSPORTATION. It offers an efficient method for recording visitor contacts directly at the stand.

What do I have to do to use IAA Lead Scan?

To use the IAA Lead Scan, simply download the IAA App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

This app has been specially developed for IAA TRANSPORTATION visitors and exhibitors and contains an integrated QR scanner with which you can scan visitor badges immediately after installation. Start the app and use the QR scanner on the start page to capture visitor badges and collect contacts.




Do I need a special app or license?

No, you don't need an additional app or third-party license for lead scanning.

The IAA app for exhibitors and visitors already contains all the necessary functions, including the integrated QR scanner, to capture leads efficiently and effortlessly. Once you have downloaded the IAA App, you can start scanning visitor badges immediately, without any additional costs or complex installations.


What do I have to do as an exhibitor to scan a visitor?

As an exhibitor, you use the IAA Lead Scan app provided to scan the QR code on the visitor's badge. The app automatically saves the contact information and makes it available for further processing and contacting.

What advantages do I have as an exhibitor?

As an exhibitor, you benefit from the IAA Lead Scan through efficient and digital recording of visitor contacts directly at your stand. This enables quick and uncomplicated contact to be made, simplifies the follow-up of trade fair contacts and contributes to optimized lead generation.

You receive direct access to detailed information and the interest profile of your visitors, which enables a targeted approach and individual follow-up. Digital recording also reduces sources of error that can occur with manual data entry and you gain valuable time for the essentials: personal interaction with your potential customers.

What advantages do I have as a visitor?

As a visitor, you benefit from a fast and paperless exchange of information. Your contact details are recorded securely and only sent to exhibitors whose stands you actively visit and give your consent to.

I have a large team on the stand and would like to collect all the contacts?

With IAA Lead Scan TEAM, the focus is on capturing and collecting contact data within the team.

This function enables you and your team to capture contacts efficiently and in real time across teams. All collected data can be exported centrally as a CSV file, which enables seamless integration into your existing CRM systems and promotes team collaboration.

Note that all employees assigned to your exhibitor profile can capture leads. Further information on contact persons and the assignment in the exhibitor profile can be found in the exhibitor area of the IAA App.

What advantages does Edition PLUS offer me?
IAA Lead Scan PLUS offers you as an exhibitor a valuable extension to all the functions of the Team Edition. A key benefit of this version is the addition of comprehensive information on the interests and countries of origin of your contacts to the exported data. These additional insights give you a deeper understanding of the needs and preferences of your stand visitors. This allows you to better target your follow-up campaigns and increase the effectiveness of your marketing strategies.

The PLUS edition is specifically designed for those exhibitors who want to go beyond the basic functionality and capture detailed information about their contacts. The extended data fields provided on visitors' interests and countries of origin help you to develop a precise customer approach and strategically optimize your marketing activities.

Summary of benefits:

  • All functions of the Team Edition included
  • Advanced data fields provide deep insights into visitors' interests and countries of origin
  • Enables a deeper understanding of your contacts for targeted follow-up campaigns
  • Ideal for exhibitors who want to develop customized marketing strategies
  • Optimizes your customer approach and supports strategic marketing planning
How do I export the contact data?

The recorded contact data can be exported directly via the IAA Lead Scan app. Exhibitors have the option of downloading the data in common formats such as Excel for further processing and analysis.

Integrated Lead Scaner in the IAA App

Get the Lead Scan in the IAA App today.

Install the IAA app and start with the integrated lead scan. Invite other colleagues to join your team and collect leads for your presentation together.